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Monday, September 28, 2020

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The client acknowledges that, when he has placed the order, he has understood the terms and conditions of sale mentioned herein and declares to accept them.


We can modify these terms and conditions of sale general sale terms at any time provided we publish these modifications on our website. So, we advise you to consult on a regular basis the last version of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.


You can directly create your online quotation on the website This quotation is created automatically depending on our stocks, current offers and special offers at the time when it is created. Therefore, the quotation is valid for only 7 consecutive days after the date indicated on. On top of these 7 days , if the quotation has not been confirmed and paid, it is null and void and you will have to create another one. If a limited offer has meanwhile ended, you will no longer have the possibility to enjoy it.


We will process you order subject to avaibility or while stocks last. When you place your order, we tell you if the products you want to buy are available or not. However, if in spite of our watchfulness, the products were not available after your order, we would tell it to you and invite you to cancel or modify your order. In case of a mistake in the contact details of the recipient, the seller could not be hold responsible for the impossibility of delivering the product.


The prices of our products are indicated in Euros , excluding taxes and sending fees, given that sending fees are added to the price of your order.
We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time but we commit ourselves to comply with the current prices indicated to you at the time when you placed your order.
In case of an order ,you are the importer of the product(s) your ordered. You may have to pay customs duty or other local taxes or importation rights or State rights.These rights and amounts do not depend on us. You will have to assume them and you are entirely responsible for them, as much in terms of declarations as payments to competent authorities and/organisations of your country. We advise you to make enquiries about these aspects with your local authorities.
The product we sell are described and presented with most details. If, in spite of our cares, mistakes had been made, we could be hold for responsible of this fact in no case .
Purchases made by companies or in quantities benefit from special offers, feel free to contact us !


> If you are a professional, you will have to precise it as part of when you to make your quotation. (company registration number) : the computer will calculate for you the amount of your order and the sending fees EXCLUDING TAXES.
> If you do not have a company registration number, the taxes will be automatically added to the amount of your order, as well as the sending fees (the VAT in force in France is 19,60%).


The buyer will have to pay the total amount when he places the order. The amounts paid by the buyer will never be considered as deposits or partial payments. To pay the order, the buyer sends the payment from the receipt of the mail confirming the purchase order sent by StringMania. The delivery of a new order could be suspended if a previous order has not been paid, notwithstanding the terms of the orders.


The price of the deliveries is the same in the whole EEC, but extra costs can be added for some products. Deliveries out of France are calculated depending on the destination and the weight of the parcel.
StringMania chose an international dispatch service for its expeditions in Europe. The client will receive the parcel between 4 and 6 days, depending on each country.
The parcel is delivered using the address you indicated when you placed your order.
Pour tout règlement, la commande ne sera traitée qu'à réception et encaissement de celui-ci et les délais courront en conséquence. Les risques seront à votre charge à compter de la date à laquelle les produits commandés auront quitté nos locaux.
The order will be sent only if the client paid it, and the delays will let run down accordingly. Risks will be at your expense from the date the ordered products will have been dispatched.
All events, no matter what they are, beyond the control of StringMania, such as case of force majeure, disaster, strike, administrative decision or transportation stopping, which could delay, stop or make exorbitant the carrying out of the order, directly represent a reason for suspension or suppression of the obligations of Stringmania at the convenience of the client, who will receive no indemnity if the event lasts for more than a month. In any event, if the delivery is delayed, the client will not receive damages, and the current orders will not be booked or cancelled.


No exchange will be made, except in case of nonconformity or defectiveness of the product. Complaints will have to be made within 72 h after the delivery of the order. To enjoy this guarantee, the product, as well as the purchase order found in the parcel, will compulsorily have to be sent back to StringMania at the client’s charge . So StringMania commit itself to return to the clients using the address indicated on the purchase order. No other guarantee will be taken into account.


Any item which would be defective or faulty which would could be return to StringMania Camalex Company after the company’s agreement, which will give to the client a return number for the commodities. This number will have to be written on the parcel you return, and in this parcel you will only have to put the quantities and references you have been authorised to send back.
Upon delivery, the defective items will be exchanged subject to avaibility. If the same items are no longer in stock, you will receive a credit and the referring price will be discharged from your next invoice.

For any return of commodities which we would not have accepted, no exchange will be made and no credit will be sent to you. You compulsorily have to contact us before returning us the commodities.


Excluding the following guarantees, which can lead to an exchange or a credit, no refund will be accepted whatever it is. StringMania aims at professional resellers ; therefore, the orders placed on our website do not depend on the section L. 121-16 of the French Consumption Code.