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  How to obtain a quotation ?
  How to order ?
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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

How to order ?

StringMania offers you the possibility of calculating your online quotation and know the amount of your order in only a few clicks. Of course it does not oblige you to buy, but if you want to, you will have the possibility of confirming the your order and pay it online. It is very easy and entirely automated: You only have to follow these instructions.

First step: selecting the products you are interested in.

Every time you visit our website, when you like one of our items, you can add it to your selection by cliking on Add to my selection which appears every time under the colour scheme list.

As you navigate on the website, you selection is bigger, and you can see again the details of each item by clicking on the product picture. You can modify the quantity of each item: the price is updated immediately.

You can also add offers to your selection. An offer correspond to a certain amount of a determined reference, so you can't modify the quantities in the case of the offers.

Mind you you will not have to put in your quotation request all the items you selected: if you are no longer interested in one item, leave this item in your quotation and just put the figure '0'.

Warning : a wholesale site which is for people wishing to buy goods for resale. The minimum order is 50 euros before tax of goods, all products.

Second step: posting your quotation request.

When your selection is complete and you have chosen the desired quantity for each item, you only have to register your quotation request. It will enable you to immediately obtain a quotation that you can read it again whenever you want .

To register you quotation request, click on Sending quotation request down right your selection, and fill in the following form with precision.
When this form is validated you can read and print your quotation immediately. This quotation is not a legally binding document and does not oblige you to buy the products.

Third step: confirming your order.

In most cases, when your quotation is validated, you can confirm your order and pay online. Several payment options will be proposed to you: payment by credit card, transfer, money order...
Of course you do not have to validate immediately, to let you think about it; you will have the possibility to read it again at any time and to validate it when you are ready.

If you have questions, or if you need a piece of advice, you will have the possibility to contact us by phone and to validate your quotation with one of our StringMania counsellors. Please quote your quotation number before calling us !